Became an ATM & Allow Anybody To Withdraw Money Through Swiping Debit Card

It often happens that when we are running low on cash to make payments, we can't find an ATM nearby. To cater to this problem, RajMitra offers you a cash withdrawal solution through its range of Retail outlets. Whether it is to make payment for the goods or services you purchase or to withdraw cash from the retail store, mPOS/MICRO ATM Device from RajMitra makes all of this possible with great amount of convenience. You can withdraw up to ₹10,000 from this device by swiping any bank’s Debit/ATM card. This ultraportable device can be used to enable card acceptance at the customers doorstep as well. The only thing that the Retailers need to do is to get RajMitra mPOS/MICRO ATM Device and they are ready to make the transactions.

100% Assurance

At Raj Mitra, we provide 100% assurance. If you have any issue, your money is immediately refunded.

Rajmitra Services Trust

We trust you and value your money, We issue refunds with a no questions asked guarantee, that's our promise!